John A. Teipen - Aviation Resume


June   2008





·         2003 Accident Prevention Counselor of the Year - St Louis FSDO


·         2005 Central Region Flight Standards "Commitment to Safety" Award


·         2005 FAA Central Region Flight Instructor of the Year


·         2005 FAA National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year


·         2007 National Association of Flight Instructors - Flight Specialist of the Year


·         2007 EAA Service Award - AirVenture / Oshkosh


·         2008 Central Region FAASTeam Representative of the Year


·         2008 FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) National Representative of the Year


·         Flight Instructor Sport Pilot, Private, Commercial, Instrument, CFI, CFII ratings in ASEL, AMEL, & ASES, and Sport Pilot, Private and Commercial, CFI ratings in Gliders.


·         Commercial Pilot ASEL, ASES, AMEL, Instrument Airplane, Glider (aero-tow, self- launch).  Complex, High-Performance, Tail-Wheel Endorsements.  Glider tow-pilot.


·         Instrument Ground Instructor Certificate.


·         Master Instructor Designation and Master Ground Instructor Designation from the National Association of Flight Instructors.


·         FAASTeam Lead Representative planning and presenting at FAA Aviation Safety Program Seminars, EAA Chapter Meetings, Missouri Pilots’ Association, St Louis Soaring Open Houses (10 years), St Louis Soaring Safety Seminars (8 years) and FAA Super Safety Seminars, now the Midwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show


·          Create, Produce and Publish FAASTeam Courses on new WINGS program FAASTeam Representative Orientation and National Training Program


·         Chairman National Association of Flight Instructors programs committee


·         Co-Chairman EAA KidVenture at AirVenture in Oshkosh


·         Chairman NAFI Flight Instructors Headquarters “First Logbook” KidVenture Experience at AirVenture in Oshkosh


·         FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Airplanes (Sport Pilot, Private, Commercial, Instrument, Flight Instructor Initial, Renewals, Reinstatements and add-ons) and Glider (Sport Pilot, Private, Commercial, Flight Instructor Initial, Renewals, Reinstatements and add-ons), and Sport Pilot.


·         Project Manager / Young Eagles Flight Education program at KidVenture 2006-07 providing professional instruction to the next generation of pilots  and  


·         Creator and Developer of "Safety through Education" to promote the communication and distribution of effective aviation programs from and between, the FAA, Pilot Examiners, Flight Schools, Instructors, and Pilots


·         FAA Aviation Safety Program “Old Wings” participant, level eight, "New Wings" Basic


·         FIRC Presenter and Planner for Greater St Louis Flight Instructors Association annual Flight Instructors Revalidation Clinic. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, Chief Lecturer 2004, FIRC Director 2005


·         Project Manager for ASA - FIRC for Master Flight  Instructors


·         Chief Instructor 2008 Women in Aviation International Flight  Instructors Revalidation Clinic


·         President Midwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show 2005-2008.  MACTS Inc. works to promote all forms of aviation safety education through publications and a yearly conference and trade show hosted in St Louis Missouri.


·         President Greater St Louis Flight Instructors Association 2006-2007


·         Board Member St Louis Soaring Association 2006-2007 (previously SLSA President, Director Flight Operations, Director Maintenance)


·         Active Presenter at Women in Aviation Conference and chapters, Greater St Louis Flight Instructor meetings, Missouri Pilots Association, SLSA / FAA Safety Programs, EAA Chapter 0331, St Louis Soaring Association Spring Safety Programs, Skyline Aeronautics and more.


·         Adjunct Faculty Member St Louis Community College – Aviation Program for Private, Commercial, and Instrument Courses – 7 Years.


·         Tow-Pilot of the Year for St Louis Soaring Association, 1994 and 1995.


·         Owner and President of Aeronautical Proficiency Training LLC, teaching proficiency in tailwheel aircraft, EMT (Emergency Maneuver Training) and Basic Aerobatic Skills. 


·         FAA Industry Airman Check Pilot.


·         Co-Developed and Organized the St. Louis FSDO Designated Pilot Examiners Group to meet and discuss checkride observations, standardization, constructive feedback topics to CFIs, flight schools, and the aviation community. 


·         Designated Soaring Society of America Instructor (SSAI)


·         FAA “Gold Seal” Flight Instructor


·         Member of

National Association of Flight Instructors            Experimental Aircraft Association           EAA Chapter 32                               

EAA Young Eagles Pilot                                    International Aerobatic Club                   Women in Aviation International                

Soaring Society of America                               Seaplane Pilots Association                  Missouri Pilots Association                    

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association                  Greater St Louis Flight Instructors Association


·         Certified Flight Instructor for

                                    St. Charles Flying Service

St Louis Soaring Association

PropAire Incorporated

Aeronautical Proficiency Training LLC (chief flight instructor)


·         Director of Training for Graybar Electric Inc., a Fortune 500 company





7601 Cornell Avenue   University City, Missouri  63130

314-863-5941 Phone  -  314-863-3192 Fax  -  Email